Skip these updates if selling your home

Photo caption: Sellers need to be selective when deciding which upgrades to make


(NC) Selling your home is no small undertaking. Aside from the obvious cleaning and purging of unwanted or unused personal belongings, there are generally a few upgrades to be made in order to get the best price for your property.
But it’s important to not go overboard, so the experts at HomeStars are dishing on seven updates that are not worth the investment, as follows:


1. Pools: Both expensive to put in and to maintain. Pools aren’t for everyone and can be a turn off to some buyers.


2. Specialty rooms: Skip the creation of a yoga, baby or game room and keep it neutral. Turning a bedroom to a specialized room makes it harder for buyers to imagine it as their own.


3. Personal Style: Style is subjective, so don’t spend on tiles, wallpaper or paint colours with loud patterns. Let the buyer soak in a blank canvas which they can personalize to their tastes.


4. Carpet: With allergies running rampant, most homebuyers prefer solid flooring, especially as carpets tend to look dirty fast and come with hygiene concerns.


5. Roofing: This does not increase the asking price, so don’t replace it unless you need to.


6. Sunrooms: According to Money Crashers, “A sunroom only recoups $486 for every $1,000 spent on construction,” making it a poor investment. Plus with limited insulation it increases heating and cooling costs.


7. High-end Appliances: Stay on par with your neighbourhood or you’ll end up with the most expensive house on the block and never recoup those costs. Keep it modern, simple and clean.


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