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Self-employed? We'd better talk.


We’ve seen several changes to mortgage lending regulations in the last few years, so we understand if you’re having trouble keeping up. There could be further tightening of the rules around proof of income for Canadians who are self-employed. This has always been a tricky area; sometimes smart tax planning means that you don’t claim a high income. But that can cost you when it comes time to get a mortgage.

We expect the new rules will affect all three mortgage insurers in Canada – which is going to limit the maneuverability of lenders like the credit unions and other specialty lenders who have typically had a more flexible lending model. This could spell a big change for mortgage eligibility for self-employed Canadians.

How to handle this? If you’re self-employed, your best strategy is to talk to us about your best possible mortgage… before the new rules come into play. That means we should talk now.

A mortgage broker is independent and doesn’t work for the banks – or for any one lender. In fact, we have access to over 50 lenders, including regional and private lenders, so we can help find the lender and the mortgage that are right for you.

Warmest Holiday Wishes




Our lives – professional as well as personal – revolve around “home”. Each year at this time, as our thoughts turn to home, we remember what a privilege it is to play a role in making homeownership dreams come true for so many Canadians. May you and your family enjoy the five traditional gifts of the season: happiness, love, health, prosperity and peace.

Our Angels in the Night spread their wings again.

We are incredibly proud of our award-winning Angels in the Night initiative, which has been providing warmth and comfort to the homeless for more than a decade now. It’s personal: our professional lives are built around “home” – and we understand the comfort and personal security that a home provides. Unfortunately, there are many Canadians without a place to call home – and their needs are most acute in the coldest months.

That’s why, on Tuesday, December 10, our “Angels in the Night” will be spreading their wings across the country. Hundreds of volunteers from Invis Mortgage Intelligence and our industry partners will take to city streets across Canada to donate warming kits – including new winter clothing and supplies – to those in need in their own communities.

This special evening marks the end of the year-round fundraising campaign by Invis and Mortgage Intelligence. Over the past several months, volunteers have reached out to homeless shelters in their communities to find out what supplies are most required. Those items will be personally delivered on December 10.

For more information, visit www.angelsinthenight


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