Save heating costs with clever solutions

Save heating costs with clever solutions

(NC) There’s an old saying that “every mile feels like two in winter”. And, in Canada, our energy bills often double as well.
During the colder, darker days, families tend to spend more time indoors where it’s warm and comfy. It’s no wonder then, that the average family struggles to find a balance between maintaining a comfortable home, while still being energy efficient, environmentally-friendly, and keeping the heating bills down.
“There are plenty of easy and everyday ways to make a big difference around your home, and small actions can make a positive impact on the environment and help with some savings,” says Mary Desjardins, Executive Director of TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. Some tips she found include:
1 sweater is all it takes to turn down the thermostat.

1 bamboo plant can improve air quality in your house. Bamboo plants also emit moisture into the air, helping to increase humidity levels.

1 pair of slippers and one kitchen mat will keep your feet protected from the cold floor and make a difference on your heating bill

10 per cent can be saved on your average heating bill by turning your thermostat down one degree at night and while away at work.

120 degrees as a setting for your water tank will reduce heating costs.
By simply doing the ‘math’, you can help conserve energy and … some coin.