How to overcome home buying obstacles

(NC) Whether you’re a first time home buyer or experienced in the world of home ownership, there are plenty of unexpected challenges you’ll have to overcome in this process.
According to the 22nd Annual RBC Home Ownership Poll,
choosing the right property (35 per cent) tops the list of challenging decisions home buyers experience, followed by deciding how much you can afford (21 per cent) and getting a home inspection (10 per cent).


RBC offers the following tips:


• Find the ‘right’ property: Research everything from the type of property you want, to location, to the condition of the home. Know what trade-offs you are willing to make.


• Understand the total cost: Calculate both one-time costs such as down payment, appraisal and legal fees, and ongoing costs such as mortgage payments, utilities, maintenance. Balance those costs against your lifestyle.


• Do a home inspection: Be aware and ask questions, and know the full condition of the home before closing the deal. What you learn in advance could help you save money and ensure you pay the right price for your home.


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