Mortgage Loan Insurance – What’s in it for You ?

What’s in it for You?

  •  You could purchase a home with a minimum down payment of 5%.
  •  CMHC’s Mortgage Loan Insurance can be applied to many different types of housing.
  •  CMHC’s Mortgage Loan Insurance is available everywhere in Canada.
  •  CMHC has several flexible products and options to help you and your lender to tailor your finances to your unique situation.

A wide range of CMHC products are available through your lender. For example, if your house needs renovations, refinancing or if you are moving to another home, please check with your lender or mortgage broker on qualifying criteria for these flexible mortgage insurance options. Ask your lender about getting pre-approved for CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance — this way you can find out beforehand how much of a loan you can qualify for..

CMHC’s Mortgage Loan Insurance can help your lender meet your needs in many different ways. To learn more, read the Frequently Asked Questions about CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance.

What’s in it for Canadians?

The Canadian housing finance system has benefited over the years from the simplicity and stabilizing effect of mandatory mortgage loan insurance. This insurance eliminates the risk to lenders, allowing them to offer borrowers like you mortgage funding at much lower interest rates and with smaller down payments than would otherwise be required.

Mandatory mortgage loan insurance provides a necessary safety net to the financial system, helping to ensure the availability of mortgage funding during times of recession and economic downturns.

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