City of Winnipeg Water and Waste

Contact our 311 Centre – open 24 hours a day, every day – if you have comments, concerns, suggestions or questions about non-emergency services:

  • garbage or recycling collection programs
  • drinking water quality
  • water or sewer services (e.g., water main break, basement flooding, sewer back up)
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    If you are installing or rebuilding a fence or deck, there is no need to contact us for clearance. Sewer or water services are usually seven to nine feet below ground level. Fence posts and deck piles are rarely installed this deep.We do not trace private sewer or water pipes on public or private property. Unlike other utilities, the City does not own these pipes. They have been installed by private contractors. We may have records provided by the contractors when the water and sewer service was installed. These are available to property owners. However, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Contact us for more information.

Source: Winnipeg Water and Waste