Buying or selling a home is about relationship building

Just like when you choose a new doctor, lawyer or any kind of professional to help with a service you need, choosing a real estate agent has a lot to do with creating and building a relationship. You want to work with someone you can relate to, who listens to you while understanding and caring about your needs.
Picking out your dream home can be an emotional decision, and if you don’t have a professional in your corner who is experienced and has your back on everything from the big picture to the tiniest of details, then you may find a bumpy road to finding the house you envision, or you may actually lose out on opportunities to find that home of your dreams.
Over the years, we’ve enjoyed wonderful relationships with many of the sellers and buyers who have come into our lives, and we’ve been fortunate to have many repeat clients who value the mutual trust that evolves when we work together to achieve their buying and/or selling goals.
We often take it for granted that people shopping for a new home already know how to work with a real estate agent, but often there are those who are unaware of how professionals in our industry operate. For this reason, we thought it would be helpful to outline the “rules” for working with a Realtor in order to make the most out of your relationship, to feel like your agent has your best interests at heart, and most importantly, to be empowered to get exactly what you want and deserve from a home buying or selling experience.
1) Real estate agents work on commission, not on salary or hourly wages. They are paid only when a house is sold, and even though it can take many hours of talking, searching and negotiating, agents are not paid for any of this time and effort until closing.
2) Since agents work on a commission basis, it is proper protocol to inform an agent if you are already working with another agent. If you’re already working with an agent, you could cause a conflict between agents if you call the listing agent about a house you’re interested in. If you happen to attend an open house without your agent, it’s best to let the listing agent know that you are already working with an agent.
3) Your real estate agent can set a custom search with your home search criteria. This is ideal, especially in today’s competitive market. Once created, the search sends you immediate notification when a property is listed within your search criteria. It can also be set up for notifications regarding price change or status change (if it sells). Be sure to discuss this feature with your agent so that you can be in the know at all times.
4) If you see a house of interest while driving around looking at prospective neighborhoods, send the address to your real estate agent for additional information. Your agent can add the house to your custom search so that all of your home selections are together in one place. Also, using the new GOMLSOK app will give you up-to-date information for properties and has great features like the “Near Me” tab that will easily pull up details on a house of interest.
As with any relationship, the key to success lies in the communication. Be as open as possible with your agent to make your needs and desires known. Information that ranges from the planned timing of your move to whether or not you want a swimming pool are crucial for your agent to help search effectively for your dream home.
One thing Alan and I enjoy the most is getting to know our clients and their varied tastes, needs, and how they change over time. The dream home you envision today may be quite different from where you’ll see yourself in five or ten years from now. And we’ll be here, ready to help you every step of the way.
Please feel free to contact us at either of the numbers listed above to set a time to meet by phone or over coffee the next time you want to talk real estate.
One last thing… in the spirit of this article, if you have a past or current relationship with a Realtor, give them a shout when you are interested in pursuing a change in your real estate situation. They will be happy to hear from you and appreciate the return client.  We sure do! This goes for referring friends and family too.
Source: Alan & Heather

Message from Realtor Rosalie Drysdale

Having almost worked 20 years in the Real Estate Industry, it is always a joy to be able to help people find that home of there dreams. Enjoy the Video below and if you are in the market to sell or purchase a new home or condo. Remember to Call Realtor Rosalie Drysdale